Service List

Shear, Oxycut, Plasma, Punch Drill.


Our company use CNC cutting machine to produce quality profiles with high accuracy and high- speed production. In addition, we have used nesting software to optimize total usage.

Bend Flat Products

Our company owns a range of vertical and horizontal press brake machines from 20 tons to a max of 2020 tons press force.

Roll Flat Products

We are the few companies who had invested in new plate rolling machine from SERTOM which supply to most of the pressure vessel makers and shipyards. Our machines capacities ranging from thickness 1mm to 82mm and with maximum width of 3100mm.

Roll Long Products

We are one of the largest in terms of quantities in "section rolling machines". We are able to roll materials such as Angle-bar, Flat-bar, H-Beam, I-Beam, Channel, Pipe, Hollow Section and so on. We are well known for Hard-Way rolling with minimum deformation.

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